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Car Detailing Diary

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 Jonathan Hancock Comments (0)

AABA Detailing is a Mobile Car Detailing company which covers all suburbs around Perth.

Each day we go somewhere different and detail a different car, no two cars are ever the same.

Each customer's idea of a clean or dirty can vary from job to job; some cars take two hours to detail, but others can take up to five hours.

We mainly detail cars for the general public, but we also detail company cars and cars which have been repaired at smash repair centres. 


1st November


Today we detailed this Discovery which had spent a month in the Kimberly’s .

There was red dirt in all the door seals, air vents, wheel arches, side treads and engine bay.

We sprayed a strong degreaser over all the areas where there was red dirt on the wheels we used an acid based solution then hit the whole car with our high pressure cleaner.

Red dirt can be very hard to remove and on some cars such as mine vehicles it can be virtually  impossible to remove it all.

But as you can see with this vehicle we had good success in removing the red dirt.

We then cleaned the interior with a weaker solution of degreaser once this was done we then polished the car , cleaned the windows , dressed the tyres and trims and applied leather conditioner to the seats.

The whole job took just over 5 hours.

2nd November

This classic Chevrolet was detailed so the onwer could use it as a wedding car. The interior was in excellent condition so it was obviously well looked after, the paint work on these type of cars is different from modern day car's so they need a bit more work to get them up to a nice shine and all the chrome parts need polishing regular or they take on a more perished look. These cars are quite big so the job took nearly 4 hours to complete. 

Cleaning your car

3rd November

Believe it or not the owner of this Land Rover Defender likes to do a lot of 4wdriving and he had just come back from a camping trip north of Perth. The interior of the vehicle was full of sand and the outside was covered in salt stains probably caused by driving along a beach and picking up spray from the ocean. The vehicle was given a full detail the interior was made easier as there are no carpets and the exterior was given a good polish one to make sure there was no water marks left by the ocean spray and secondly to help protect it for future trips. The whole job took about 4 hours.

Cleaning your car

4 thNovember

Today I detailed a VW Amarok which had been 4wdriving the owner followed a friend down a bush track against his better judgement and it left his vehicle with bush scratches down both sides and with it being grey in colour they stood out quite prominently. It was a realy nice day but unfortunately I had no cover from the sun which wasnt ideal but the job turned out ok and the whole job took about two and half hours.

5th November

I did my first of the new model Ford Mustang today it was the V8 model, bright yellow in colour with black leather interior. Its a shame the owner didnt look after it better because the exterior was pretty dirty. The main reason I was detailing it was because it had been involved in a high speed crash and it had just been repaired at the smash repair center. The owner must have been drinking a can of coke at the time of the crash as it was splashed all over the dash and seats. Luckily for the owner I managed to get it all off and when I had finished the full detail the car was looking in showroom condition.

7 thNovember

Today I did a Swedish car for a little old Swedish lady. She has a Volvo S60 silver in colour which is in immaculate condition. Because she is a bit frail she gets me to polish the car for her and I polish it with some of my glare sealant, the shine is amazing, if only I could work out how to load the photos to some of these detailing jobs for you to see then it would be happy days all round. Anyway I spent about two hours detailing the Volvo and seeing as I was only doing the exterior the customer was very pleased.

15 th November

Today i did a blue BMW its the second time in 6 months ive done this car and you can see it on my home page. The owner seems quite fussy about her car and she sends it to her local smash repair center to be polished. Each time i give the car a machine polish to remove any small scratches then i apply a coat of my Glare-Plus sealant. The paint work comes up with a great finish.

1 st December

This morning i detailed an Audi S80, it was dark blue in colour and in pretty good condition for its age i guess it spends alot of time under cover or in the garage.Even though it didnt really need it i still went over the car with my machine polisher just to remove any small scratches plus it does make the paint work that bit more slicker when i apply a coat of my Glare paint sealant. It took me nearly 3 hours to polish the car but the final result was great.


Today I drove up to GinGin and did a paint protection on a Nissan 350z, very nice car pewter grey in colour with black leather seats. I was lucky the owner had a big shed so i could do the car in that which helped to keep some of the flies away at least. It was a very warm day but I managed to put 3 coats of the glare paint protection on and some leather conditioner on the seats. The car catches a lot of flies on the front bumper so the slickness of the paint protection would help to remove them when it comes to washing the car again. The car was gleaming when it was finished.


Thought id better catch up on my blog I still havnt worked out how to get the photos up of the cars ive detailed which is frustrating. So today I detailed two black ford rangers which belong to a new company who do work for insurance companies in the building industry. Ive actually done their private cars for them in the past and one of the guys as an old classic which he uses to raise money for charity doing the variety car runs. The previous week Id been in hospital with pneumonia so doing these two black ford rangers on a 35 degree day with no shade was pretty hard going but they turned out well in the end.


Today I was up in Mundaring on another hot day machine polishing a black holden senator.The car had just been bought and to be fair was in great condition but the owner wanted a few spider web lines removing from the paint work before he went overseas .I was working on the car for about three and a half hours and its a pity I cant work out how to load the photo because it looked pretty hot when I had finished.


Today I detailed a 1968 ford mustang wow. It had been covered up in the garage and the owner wanted it detailed before putting it on a truck and sending it to Queensland. I love mustangs not sure if its because of the car it self or the name or the the movie bullet with Steve McQueen. Either way if I had the room id be tempted to buy the new version. It was puter in colour with chrome wheels and a black vinyl roof. Not sure if it was totally original but either way it still looked great for nearly fifty years old.


This week I was in East Perth at an apartment block, I don't usually go to theses type of places but this one as a wash bay so its no to bad. The first day I did two lexus which ive been doing for a few years now and the second day I did two audi's for a new customer. One of the audi's was a midnight blue RS5, id never done one of these models before quite flash and a bit of a vroom vroom. Nice leather interior with auto transmission.

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