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Maintaining Your Clean Car

Wednesday, August 07, 2019 Jonathan Hancock Comments (0)


Maintaining Your Clean Car



Once your car has been properly cleaned, polished and protected it will be much easier to work on and take less time, effort and products to keep it looking as though it has just had a major clean. A weekly or biweekly wash using a mild, wax friendly shampoo product will be sufficient to remove any light dirt & contaminants that have recently been picked up and will help to prolong the durability of any wax or sealant that has been applied. Paintwork and glass can be restored to a high standard from a basic wash & dry.

Maintaining A Clean Car

Wheels that were once heavily ingrained with dirt and brake dust can now be fully cleaned and brought back to standard with the same shampoo product used to wash the rest of your car. Generally most of the exterior of your car can be satisfactorily cleaned and maintained regularly using a just mild shampoo product, wether it be a convertible top, your plastics & trim, tyre walls, arches or door shuts.

In between a regular wash routine however, another step can be added to prolong the clean look of your car even further. Provided your car has only very light contaminants that have been picked up from the last day or two, a detailing spray used with a damp micro fibre towel can be used to keep your car as contaminant free and clean as possible. Simply spray the vehicle generously and lightly wipe over with the damp micro fibre towel to lift off the light dirt and reveal the recently cleaned surface underneath.

Maintaining A Clean Car

This can be used to rejuvenate all areas of the exterior of your car as well as the paintwork. It is not advisable to use a detailing spray and micro fibre towel to maintain your car if it has anything more than very light dust/contaminants on as this could lead to swirl marks or scratches being inflicted on the paintwork.

A small ‘kit’ comprising of a detailing spray, micro fibre towels, an all purpose cleaner, a dressing product, and a selection of soft brushes can be kept in the boot or trunk of your car ensuring that it can be easily and conveniently maintained wherever you are. This would also enable you to immediately remove things like bug splatter or bird droppings from your recently cleaned car should they suddenly occur.

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